The Benefits of Using Porcelain Slabs in Your Toronto Home Renovations

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If you’re renovating, consider the benefits of using porcelain slabs in your Toronto home both inside and in your backyard.

Are Porcelain Slabs Right for My Toronto Reno?

When you’re looking at porcelain slabs, keep in mind that your choice between a glazed or unglazed slab can make a significant difference. If your slab isn’t glazed when installed, it has "through-colour.” That means that if it’s chipped, the colour beneath the chip is exactly the same since the porcelain has the same colour throughout. If porcelain is glazed, the top layer will have a slightly different colour than the rest of the porcelain. Unglazed porcelain is fantastic for flooring in hallways and other busy areas.

Porcelain in Disguise

If you love the look of wood in the kitchen but are wary of it warping at the first leaky pipe or flood from an over-packed dishwasher, porcelain may be the answer. Talk to your home renovation team about using porcelain tiles that mimic the look of actual wood. With porcelain, you get the look of wood but it’s nearly indestructible. It’ll last for years without discolouration, so you won’t have the wear and tear that develops on wood over time. No one needs to see your usual path from the couch to the fridge showing like a well-worn trail. Porcelain disguised as wood saves you from that embarrassment.
You won’t need to seal or wax it to keep it looking its best—just sweep or use a mop to remove dust and dirt. Spills can be quickly wiped away without the worry of moisture wrecking the material. As long as dirt and dust aren’t left to be ground into the porcelain over time, your "wood” floor should remain virtually unblemished.

Take it Outside

Because it’s moisture-resistant, durable and resists frost and deep abrasions, porcelain is an excellent choice for cold Canadian winters. If you’re looking for a stylish floor or wall for your balcony area, porcelain may be the way to go.
If you need a hard natural stone, like granite, take a second look at porcelain. It’s actually 30% harder than granite. You can find unglazed porcelain that was made to look and feel like natural stone, so you don’t have to sacrifice the look of granite. A benefit of using porcelain in place of granite is that porcelain doesn’t need to be sealed. With granite, you will have to remember to reseal it every two years to keep it stain-resistant and looking its best. Just mop your porcelain with warm water and a soft mop; most messes clean up in minutes.
Porcelain slabs give you the freedom to enjoy your house and outdoor space without worrying about damaging your investment. They are stain-resistant, slip-resistant, and frost-resistant. Along with being low maintenance, they are virtually fade-resistant, which makes them perfect for sunny spots in your yard. Use porcelain slabs on a deck or right on the dirt to create an oasis for your garden furniture. They’re also a good choice for around the pool.
Porcelain slabs and tiles are becoming extremely popular because of the advantages they offer over traditional stone and marble. Use porcelain slabs in your Toronto area renovation and you’ll enjoy them for years to come.